Friday, 23 January 2009

The flying car, and other techno talk . . .

Flying cars and stuff
When I was a kid, on long car journeys my family and I used to fantasise about being in a remarkable vehicle which we called the Submohelicar. It could fly and travel under water, as well as on the ground. Useful!

Robots on the march
Robots have been the stuff of Science Fiction for nearly 100 years, but the technology is advancing rapidly and it may not be long before a robot will be coming to a home near you!

The Zumba phone
A new mobile phone which promises to make wires redundant, and be theft resistant because of voice print recognition.

Google Earth goes submarine
Most of us are not aware that the ocean floor has a geography all of its own. The tallest mountain on earth is under the water and the deepest trenches make the Grand Canyon look like a wee rut. Google has now made it possible to explore this marine wonderland using the award winning - and free - Google Earth software.

Teaching science to kids
Computers are a great medium for teaching science to younger generations, and what better way than in the form of a game?

Pre-warned is pre-armed
As global warming picks up its pace science will do its best to keep up with it. Already we have multiple warnings from many sources about what's happening around the world. Here are some of the latest ones.

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