Thursday, 22 January 2009

Robots on the march...

Have you hugged your robot today?
The 'Heart' robot loves to be hugged! Its one of a generation of robots that are being programmed with human emotions. This has implications for the care and medical treatment of vulnerable groups in society, such as the elderly, and those who prefer to relate to a machine.
(Me, me, me!)

Monkey feeds itself with robotic arm
... lazy gibbon!
To be fair to the monkey it did have its arms restrained. The amazing thing is that it learned to control the arm, having had it's brain hardwired to it via the motor cortex. Now, if I could get a cream doughnut from the fridge without having to leave the sofa . . . .

Wall.E – the celebrity sci-fi robot
I watched Wall.E on the small 'big-screen' in the back of the seat in front of me, on my flight home from Chicago just before New Year. A very entertaining movie it was too!

Robocop rules!
A Japanese firm has created a security robot which might just be a very early version of Robocop. The device is remotely controlled using a mobile phone and the operator sees real-time images of what the robot sees. If an intruder is detected the robot can warn him, and even throw a net over him!

Baby robot 'grows-up' in 30 minutes
German engineers in Leipzig have written self-learning software that can turn a simulated ignorant 'infant' robot into a running, jumping athlete in half an hour.

Robot actor demands 'robot rights'
A bright yellow robot dressed in a very unfetching apron discusses it's low job satisfaction in this hi-tech Japanese play.

Robots climb walls too!
But these bots climb them not because they're emotionally charged but because they're electrostatically charged.

Robot football finals
. . . Oh yea! Pull the other one, it's got Wells on it!
(HG Wells? The Time Machine? OK, never mind, time for me to go and do some housework. Now where did my robot slave go?)

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